Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

Will my pool liner fade?
All pool finishes will lose their vibrancy over time, but the Aqualux pool finish is specially formulated for the harsh Australian climate and treated to resist UV damage. The majority of fade in swimming pools comes from below the water line, as a result of the sanitiser being used to kill off the algae and bacteria in the water. Pool sanitisers are oxidising agents (just like bleach) and these are affective killing unwanted micro organisms in the water, but at the same time they slowly bleach the pool interior over time. After many years, the pool finish ends up with chemical damage in the form of fading, rather than damage from the sun.
Are Aqualux pool liners easy to clean?
Yes. Aqualux is very easy to keep clean. It has been designed to be a low maintenance pool finish and that means it has been chemically formulated to resist stains. The finish is inert meaning there are no calcium deposits from within the finish to cause unsightly scale and stains on the pool interior. No more using lots of acid in your pool, the Aqualux finish has no affect on the pool water chemistry leaving your PH level stable and minimising the amount of acid you need to add to the water to keep your pool in balance. With an Aqualux pool finish, staining, spots and scale are not an issue any more – even in Melbourne.
Is it safe to let my dog swim in an inground pool with an Aqualux finish?
As long as your dog can get in and out of the pool without clawing or biting at the Aqualux finish, there should not be a problem. Many pools with an Aqualux interior have feature tiles on the step or pool entry which are dog claw and teeth resistant. 
How long will a vinyl pool liner last?
Properly maintained, vinyl liners can last well over fifteen years without becoming abrasive (like solid plaster), wearing off (like paint) or possibly shattering and falling off (like tiles).
What type of pool can you renovate?
We renovate and renew all type of inground pools – metal, concrete, fibreglass and timber pools can all have a vinyl liner fitted to rejuvenate and provide a watertight pool interior. We do not provide liners or renovation services for above-ground pools.
How do I maintain my pool and liner?

You can download the Aqualux Care and Maintenance brochure which gives detailed information on how to look after your new liner for maximum durability and colour longevity.

Is it worth patching a pool liner?

Depending on the age and condition of the liner, a patch can give you more time to enjoy your pool without going to the effort and expense of replacing the liner.  A leak detection company will usually put a temporary patch on a liner when they find a hole ( temporary patches are on the surface of the liner and will not last prolonged contact with your pool cleaner).  Placing a patch under the liner will last long term but can be costly and is only worth it if you stand to get years more from your liner.  A liner professional can usually tell from a photo if your pool liner is worth patching.