Residential Pools

Liner Specialists Australia can help you create your perfect pool. All in-ground pools can be renovated, repaired & relined. We are leaving you with a high-performance, low-maintenance pool surface at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new pool.

Liner Specialists Australia can help you create your perfect pool. We specialise in installing vinyl liners within in-ground pools throughout Melbourne and rural Victoria. Combining a quality vinyl liner’s durable, flexible membrane with Liner Specialists Australia. Yet, quality service knowledge and experience give you a custom-fit, finished pool that looks new. We can reline any in-ground pool structure regardless of size, shape, or construction.


Reasons Re-lining Your Residential Pools Is An Excellent Investment For Your Home


Investing in a residential pool not only enhances the aesthetic, but the value of your property. It also offers many other benefits: swimming is a fantastic way to reduce stress, improve mental health, and maintain physical fitness. Owning a pool saves money on expensive gym memberships or vacations and provides a perfect activity for family and friends.

Additionally, exclusive pool facilities in your backyard give you and your family privacy and a serene, relaxing environment. Your pool is an excellent investment, increasing the value of your property and making it more attractive to potential buyers. The benefits of residential pools and their aesthetic appeal make them an excellent addition to any home.

And the team at Liner Specialists would love to keep it that way. With our help you can keep your pool looking good as new, and functioning good as new as well.


Other Services We Offer

While we install the liner we can also improve your pool in other ways, including:


  • building new concrete steps for your pool
  • grab rail installation
  • fitting and replacement of filtration equipment
  • new pool coping
  • new tile band
  • pool lighting installation
Point Cook, Bahama Liner After picPoint Cook, Bahama Liner After pic

In addition to vinyl liners, the team can also provide

New step on top of existing with tiles and stone, new tile band, new lower step, new coping new grabrail 3

New Steps

New Grab Rail

Grab Rails

New Tile Band

Filtration Equipment

Filtration Equipment

New Travertine Coping

New Coping

Pool Lighting Melbourne

Pool Lighting

When should I replace my inground pool liner?

Inground pool liners last 15 to 20 years on average. Owning a residential pool can be an excellent investment, but it can also come with a lot of necessary maintenance and upkeep. One of the things that may need replacing is the inground pool liner. If you’ve had your pool for several years, you must watch for any signs of wear and tear on your liner. Cracks, tears, or fading could mean it’s time for a replacement.

Additionally, if you’ve noticed that your water is losing more than a quarter inch per day, this could state a leak in the liner. It’s always better to address these issues sooner rather than later, as a damaged liner can lead to further and more expensive repairs. With proper attention and regular checks, you can ensure your inground pool stays in excellent condition for years.

How much does it cost to replace an inground vinyl pool liner?

The replacement cost varies depending on several factors, including the pool size, the liner’s thickness, and the pool type. I recommend getting several quotes from licensed and insured pool professionals. It is to ensure you get the best job price. Replacing a vinyl pool liner can be costly, but it is a necessary investment to improve your pool’s appearance and longevity.

How many hours does it take to replace an inground pool liner?
Inground pool liners are custom made to the specific measurements of your individual pool. This can take 5-10 business days from when we measure your pool to when we install your new liner. Liner Specialists Australia allow two weeks from starting works to liner installation in a typical liner replacement.
Do I have to drain my pool to replace the liner?

Yes, the pool must be empty to replace the liner. This is necessary for a liner change, as the liner holds the water in place.