There are several popular types of inground pool finishes available on the market, and the most popular one can vary depending on the region and personal preference.

However, based on industry trends and consumer surveys, vinyl pool liners are generally considered the most popular choice for inground pools.

Vinyl pool liners are known for their durability, affordability, and versatility. They are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, making it easy to customize the look of your pool. This also makes it easy to match with your backyard décor.

Vinyl liners are also durable and can last for many years with proper maintenance. They have a smooth surface that resists algae growth, and they can be installed over virtually any surface. In addition, the smooth surface makes it comfortable for swimmers.

Point Cook, Bahama Liner After pic

If you have a pre-fab or panel pool, such as PoolFab or Albatross you cannot replace the liner with another finish as these pools are engineered for a vinyl liner.

If you have another type of inground pool such as concrete or fibreglass you may be considering your options when it’s time to resurface.

Each type of inground pool finish has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most popular finishes:

Fiberglass– Can be installed over any surface. It is smooth on the skin, cost effective and is known for durability and low maintenance requirements.  However, if your pool has cracks due to ground movement it won’t be long before your new finish cracks as well.

Paint– Low cost and straightforward finish with virtually unlimited colour options.  Paint is a popular choice pre-sale but can chip or flake if preparation works are not done correctly.  This finish will not withstand cracks due to ground movement.

Tiles –Ceramic or glass tiles offer a luxurious look. They are durable and long-lasting but can be expensive to install.  Again, structural cracking will affect the integrity of the finish.

Quartzcote –A render finish, attractive and has a variety of colours.  If your pool has cracking, it will eventually crack as well.

Vinyl Liners –They are affordable, durable, and available in a variety of colours and patterns.

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